Points Competition

Points Competition - Rules and Diagrams

1. Competitors shall draw lots for the rotation of play, and shall use two stones.
2. The measurement of the sheet for points play shall be in conformity with the provisions of the diagram shown below.
3. Every competitor shall play four shots at each of the nine following points of the game, viz.: (1) striking, (2) inwicking, (3) drawing, (4) guarding, (5) chap and lie, (6) wick and curl in, (7) raising, (8) chipping the winner, and (9) drawing through a port according to the definitions and diagrams here given.
4. In nos. (2), (6), (8) and (9), and at (10) outwicking when played, the object stones shall be placed so that two shots shall be played on the right at one end and two on the left at the other end.
5. No stone shall be considered outside a circle unless it is entirely clear of that circle.
6. In the event of two or more competitors being equal, they shall play four shots at (10) outwicking. If the competition be still undecided, the umpire shall order that one or more of the preceding points be played again by the competitors who are equal.

Note: Much time will be saved if two sheets be prepared lying parallel to each other, the tee of the one being at the reverse end of the other sheet; every competitor plays both stones up one sheet and afterwards both down the other, thus finishing at each round all his chances at that point.  

For club competitions only, it is permissible to use a scorecard as a measure rather than a rule in discipline, No.4. Guarding where the card is approximately six inches long. Using a scorecard as a guide instead of a rule will speed up play.

A printable version of the all the rules and diagrams displayed on this page, along with a score sheet, can be downloaded here.


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