Miller Cup Winners 2018 (l-r)
Andy Rankin (Skip)
Duncan Taggart (Lead)
David Armstrong (Third)
Willie Ross (Second)

Presented by Bill Deans (rear)


Top 10 All-time Miller Cup Winners
Name Wins
Bill Marshall13
Bill Coutts11
Jim T. Hutton10
Duncan Taggart9
Alistair MacPherson8
Alex McKenzie7
John Bennie7
Tom Woods7
Jim Hutton6
H. Robertson6

Top 5 Current Members Miller Cup Winners
Name Wins
Bill Coutts11
Andy Rankin5
Tony Atkins5
Ian Mulholland5
Willie Ross2

Miller Cup (2018/19)

The Miller Cup is played on a round-robin basis, with the rinks playing each other twice.


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Competition dates are subject to change.