At the Committee meeting of Dumbarton Curling Club on Wednesday 15 September 1954, Mr G. Houston (Secretary) intimated that he received a Shield, donated by Mr J. R. Brownlie along with an accompanying letter for the use of the Shield.

The inaugural match was played at Crossmyloof Curling Rink on Saturday 25 March 1955 and was contested over 4 rinks with total shots up deciding the eventual winners.

Mr J. R. Brownlie had the honour of presenting the "Brownlie Shield" to Cardross Curling Club, who won the first match by 52 shots.

The Dumbarton rinks that evening were:

  RinkA Rink B Rink C Rink D
Skip C. Carlow J. Paxton S. Kennedy A. McLeod
Third A. Watson I. Gilmour W. Thompson P. Wharrier
Second   W. Bennie G. Houston T. Robertson G. Thomson
Lead W. Wright H. Kerr W. Millar W. Mustarde

The "Brownlie Shield" has since been contested annually between the 2 clubs, although nowadays it is contested over 2 rinks instead of the 4 rinks fielded in the first match back in 1954, and it still remains an event that is enjoyed by members of both clubs as a means to not only renewing old hostilities, but more importantly to cement the friendship and camaraderie that our sport of Curling encourages and instils.