Andy Cooper (right), Presidents Shield Winner
2019 - Presented by David Armstrong


Presidents Shield

"On the occassion the Club’s 175th Anniversary Dinner, Provost William Petrie of Dumbarton District Council presented a shield bearing the Dumbarton Coat of Arms to James Hutton, President of Dumbarton Curling Club.

Some 70 members of the Club along with wives, friends and guests attended the dinner, which was held in the Dumbuck Hotel, Dumbarton on 9th November 1990."

"The Club’s Committee decided that the shield would be contested by all players, and would be awarded to player considered to be the most consistent throughout the season."

The above extracts are taken from the club's minute book detailing 1) the presentation of the Shield; and 2) the conditions on which the winner would be decided.  The Shield was first awarded at the end of the 1991-92, with Alan Gault being considered to be the most consistent player of the season, and thereby the inaugural recipient of the Shield.

In recent years the criteria for winning the Presidents Shield has been extended, and the Shield can be awarded by the President based on any of the following:

1. The most consistent player;
2. The most improved player;
3. Most contribution to the club;




Past Winners

Season Skip
2018-19 Andy Cooper
2017-18 David Armstrong
2016-17 David Shanks
2015-16 Jim MacDonald
2014-15 David Shanks
2013-14 David Shanks
2012-13 Malcolm King
2011-12 Jim T. Hutton
2010-11 Bill Coutts
2009-10 Malcolm King
2008-09 Bill Marshall
2007-08 Douglas Third
2006-07 R. McGechie
2005-06 Alex McKenzie
2004-05 Duncan Taggart
2003-04 Jim T. Hutton
2002-03 Jim Elliot
2001-02 Bill Marshall
2000-01 Bill Coutts
1999-00 Not Contested
1998-99 Alistair MacLachlan
1997-98 Not Contested
1996-97 Alan MacLaughlin
1995-96 Alan MacLaughlin
1994-95 Robin Watt
1993-94 Andrew Butler
1992-93 Jim Hutton
1991-92 Alan Gault