Filshie Past Winners

The past winners of the Filshie are:

Season SkipThirdSecond Lead
2019-20 David ArmstrongClive BlackJean Gavin
2018-19 Jim MacDonaldSue FordyceClive Black Andy Cooper
2017-18 Andy RankinWillie RossRona Agnew Ian Mulholland
2016-17 Jim MacDonaldJohn EvansDavid Armstrong Douglas Third
2015-16 Alistair MacPhersonAndy RankinJohn Evans Tony Atkins
2014-15 Andy RankinJim T. HuttonMalcolm King Jim MacDonald
2013-14 Alistair MacPhersonBill MarshallMalcolm King John Evans
2012-13 Tom WoodsJim T. HuttonMalcolm King Duncan Taggart
2011-12 Bill CouttsJim T. HuttonMalcolm King Duncan Taggart
2010-11 Bill MarshallJim T. HuttonDavid Shanks Ian Mulholland
2009-10 Bill CouttsCameron McKeeAlan Gault John Evans
2008-09 Bill CouttsJim T. HuttonCameron McKee Ian Mulholland
2007-08 Jim T. HuttonTony AtkinsCameron McKee Duncan Taggart
2006-07 Bill CouttsBob SmithAlex McKenzie R. McGechie
2005-06 Bill CouttsTony AtkinsStewart Walker Cameron McKee
2004-05 Tony AtkinsBill CouttsAlex McKenzie Robin Watt
2003-04 Tom WoodsJim T. HuttonAlex McKenzie Cameron McKee
2002-03 Bill MarshallJim T. HuttonDavid Dunbar E. McLatchie
2001-02 Bill MarshallBob SmithAlex McKenzie Reserve
2000-01 Not Contested
1999-00 Bill MarshallThomas PhillipsAlistair MacLachlan Bill Coutts
1998-99 Jim HuttonThomas PhillipsDonnie Sangster Alistair MacLachlan
1997-98 Not Contested
1996-97 Alan MacLaughlin
1995-96 Tom Woods
1994-95 Stevie Alexander
1993-94 Stevie Alexander
1992-93 Brian Neeson
1991-92 Brian Neeson
1990-91 A. Clements
1989-90 Bill Coutts
1988-89 David Horner
1987-88 David Horner
1986-87 I. McKenzie
1985-86 James Orr Jnr.
1984-85 Ian Rae

Top 10 All-time Filshie Winners
Name Wins
Jim T. Hutton8
Bill Coutts8
Bill Marshall5
Cameron McKee5
Malcolm King4
John Evans4
Tony Atkins4
Alex McKenzie4
Tom Woods3
Ian Mulholland3

Top 5 Current Members Filshie Winners
Name Wins
Bill Coutts8
Tony Atkins4
Ian Mulholland3
Andy Rankin3
Jim MacDonald3